When you get this text from your boyfriend after a year of immigration and visa research, interviews, hundreds of dollars on trips to Dar, and a whole lot of frustration….


……you basically cry tears of freaking joy!!!!!!!

Finally….. a U.S, good ole American Visa!!!


And now, only days after getting the visa, he is off to the Big City for a travel trade fair with his company, Pristine Trails!! Nothing like “go big or go home” when it comes to your first visit to the USA- taking on NYC is no joke!!

I secretly can’t wait to hear about his trip there.. this guy isn’t a huge fan of big cities, so I am anticipating a lot of “oh wow” (as my dad would say) experiences!!

The best part of all of this is, he has a multiple entry visa for the next YEAR!! And, it should be much easier to get next time around (Thank. The. Lord.)  Which means.. he is coming home with me in April to see the world of Liz, and meet all your pretty faces!  I seriously can not wait!!

So, for this Thankful Thursday, this one is pretty obvious! I’m thankful for answered prayers and for God’s perfect (even though it confuses me sometimes) timing and for all of your prayers during this process!! Asante Sana!!

I’m also thankful for Joel’s cool, calm under pressure nature, his perseverance and unwavering trust and faithfulness to God’s plan for us… Lord knows I need that kind of person.  Miss worrier, stress ball over here was just about at her limit in dealing with the US Embassy!!

But all is well with me now and I’m as happy as can be, back to loving the US embassy again!!

I will update you (or hopefully he can) on his first NYC trip.. should be fun!

Love you all, and thanks again for all your continued prayers over the last year!

xo, Liz



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