Home Sweet Home

Which “home” you may be wondering…because, to me, it feels like my list of “homes” keeps getting longer and longer!!

When people ask me where I’m from, I tend to still say Denver.. since it was my most recent home (and sometimes still feels like I live there)… but then I start to feel a little guilty leaving out my childhood home, so I say, “but I grew up in Ohio, and that’s where my parents still live”.  And when thinking about going home in a month.. home is, of course, the United States! However …. I think I may have another place to add to the ever-growing list.. one that kind of snuck up on me… a place I wasn’t sure would feel like home.. a place that is completely different from any other place I’ve lived… and now, after almost 6 months of living here (what?!?!),  I can say that Moshi feels like home.

After being in Iringa for three weeks (don’t get me wrong, it was great there.. SO pretty!), I did miss the familiarity of Moshi.  I missed the simple little town, the supermarkets that I was used to, my daily and weekly routine, and of course.. the people…haha, yes.. one person in particular, but so many others-Joel’s family, my coworkers and A18 house family!

I was thankful for the time away, and the time I was able to devout to learning Swahili and especially the time I was given for myself…. time to really relax, soak in my surroundings, pray, reflect and process the last 5 months of Tanzanian life!  As I shared in my last post, God truly does have a way of knowing what we need and providing for us.  And for that, and for my time in Iringa, I am thankful.

Joel and I used to be so good (well.. not SO good, just average I guess, ha) at the long distance thing… before this, we’ve probably spent 75% of our relationship in two different countries, spending up to 6months apart.  We’ve been spoiled here, not going even a day or two without seeing each other, so three weeks away was tough (AND including Valentines Day….so unfair!!! Haha.. jk.. we did survive!).  Luckily, we did have the time zone on our side this time.. however, the internet connection was nonexistent majority of the time, so our good ole pal “Reconnecting” was back with us… (not a welcome return, haha!). We made do though, as we always do, and planned ahead by exchanging valentines cards beforehand ❤️❤️, and working through the “reconnectings” and failed calls.  It was another great reminder not to take our time together for granted and to enjoy every moment we are together in the same country, same time zone, and same town!!

So, by the end of my three weeks there, I was ready to come “home”.  I was ready to come back to the place that has become comfortable and familiar.  I was ready to sleep in “my” bed, to shower in “my” bathroom, get my fruits and vegetables from my favorite places, and to see my Moshi “family” again.

And of course, see my love, because.. honestly Joel, “Home is wherever I’m with You”.


Excited to see all of you in my various “homes” next month !!!!

Love you all!

xo, Liz


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