I have always loved this quote, and it has really spoken to me recently.  I feel like so much of my life right now is a dream I had long ago- a dream I had of one day living or incorporating Africa into my life. I never knew how it would happen, if it would happen at all, or what would bring me out here.. but here I am, living a life I had never thought was even possible.

However, living the African life as a volunteer nurse isn’t the easiest thing, and believe me, the stress of money and finances gives me anxiety quite often! Haha! I am living on a small stipend for the next 2 years, so any chance of saving money for the future is a thing of the past.

I continue to be confident though, trusting God in all I do (after all, He is the one who called me here, and made all of this possible), and continuing to live the life I have imagined.  I continue to dream bigger and have confidence that I will be able to live a life here in Tanzania, but also have the finances and flexibility of traveling back to the States to see my family and friends.

I have been an Arbonne consultant for about a year now, but haven’t done much with it (besides reap all the benefits of the discounted items! Yay!), but I have a renewed energy and confidence that this is something that can allow me to live the life imagined for myself.

So, I hope you can follow me on here, and Instagram @lizziedanikarbonne and see how I am incorporating Arbonne into life here, and how you can too… AND, possibly support me…while also getting some awesome products! It’s a Win-Win for all!!

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