Vitu Vidogo

Update: June 26, 2018: We have continued to raise money and put the money to good use!

  • We have continued to pay for more transportation costs for patients
  • 2 procedures that needed done for the pediatric patients to continue receiving their chemotherapy- a ECHO and a lab sample
  • A ncecssary medication for a women receiving chemotherapy for Colon Cancer
  • A skills day for the cancer care nurses to practice new skills, such as PICC line care, Sedation Guidelines and practicing emergency procedures.  All this was done on their free time on a Saturday, so we supported them to pay a small salary for the day and snacks.


Update: June 11, 2018: Thank you to those who have donated to Vitu Vidogo! So far, with not even $100 we have provided:

  • A CT Scan needed for further investigations
  • Transportation to/from the clinic for appointments of chemotherapy for 4 people
  • Support for food for 3 families
  • Initial sign up cost for the TZ National Health Insurance- this pays for the majority of meds and care for our cancer patients.  It is a huge help if they have this!


I can’t thank you all enough for your support while I have been working here in Tanzania.  Many of you have asked about how you can help and support the clinic and my efforts here, and I’m hoping this fundraising page can be a good way for people to see the needs and make contributions!!  I plan to be open and honest with you all about what the needs are at the clinic, and where exactly the money is going.. and allow some input on what you would like to contribute to!

I titled the page Vitu Vidogo (the Little Things) because I want the focus to be on fundraising for those little things.. the little things I’ve seen that make it hard for people to follow through with treatment, such as bus fare to come to the clinic, or lab work that is needed for chemotherapy, and patients can’t afford it.  Or on the staff side, equipment and supplies that would make their jobs so much easier and more efficient.  That is my goal….to try, one bus fare at a time, to make our patient’s lives a little easier or give them one less thing to stress about while they are going through treatment.

So, please check out the fundraising site, and help me provide some of the necessary little things!

GoGetFunding Page: Vitu Vidogo

Some of the current needs at the clinic include:

  • Transportaion costs for patients coming to receive chemotherapy
  • Lab, Scans and other various medical procedures needed for patients to be diagnosed, allowed to proceed with chemotherapy, evaluated for follow-up, etc.
  • IV Infusion pumps for chemotherapy
  • Trainings about cancer care for other nurses and medical professionals
  • Possible additional trainings for the CCC Nurses and Staff
  • Various medical supplies


I am beyond grateful for your support, prayers and encouragement!! Now it’s time to share the love and pass it on to those who, just by the nature of where they were born, are not receiving the same treatments and resources we are so accustomed to! Thank you for your consideration in helping me provide these patients with the best possible chance of success!!

xo, Liz